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Smarteez Resources

Help your preschooler become ready for kindergarten with our online instructional services.

Online Instructional Course

Introducing our online instructional course – a weekly open-source curriculum for pre-schools, pre-K programs, daycare providers, parents of homeschooled children, and anyone who wants to implement literacy and number development strategies in children. Our course runs for a maximum of 26 weeks. It provides an easy-to-follow program that helps to improve literacy and number skills, while also allowing children to explore their creativity and gain a better understanding of their world. With our course, you’ll have access to online videos, activities, games, and more, providing your students with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Sign up today and give your students the tools they need to succeed!

Smarteez Group Services

Great for:

Pre-K Programs
Day Care Providers
COOP Organizations for Homeschoolers
Local Elementary School Administration
…And anyone who wants to implement strategies for literacy and number development in children

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